India Gate

India GateIndia gate

India Gate is a monument build in the 1930s in memory of India soldiers who died during first wold war. I was surprised to see something about France written on it, close to the top.

Delhi Sightseeing Series

One week already in India and I finally got to go to some sight. Today I visited the India gate, Humayun’s tomb, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Chhattarpur Mandir.

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India Gate

5 best tricks to break the ice and connect with a small audience

A lot of trainer will say the same, one of the major problem when training adults is to connect with them and make them feel accepted so you can set a safe and efficient learning environment.

Here are some tricks and tips on how to setup this safe learning environment.

1 – Be early.

Lands of contrasts

Here is the map.

 Middle-east map

Iran is surrounded by several countries. Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and across the golf, Saudi, the Emirates and a few other tiny ones.

Qatar Airways

I have been literally traveling the world and went to odd, interesting, strange, welcoming, funny and bizarre countries like Greenland, India, South Africa, Chile or Japan. But this week I had to go to a different country. Iran.

In order to fly there I chose to use the direct Finnair (AY) flight from Helsinki to Dubai and to use short Qatar Airways (QR) flights to get to Tehran.

how to speed up social network badge loading

I have had some problem with my Tripit badge on the left of the screen. For some strange reason it wouldn’t load on my Google Chrome. It would load if I would open this page with Firefox or IE though. The weirdest thing is that after loading it from Firefox or IE, I could then load it with Chrome. 

So I decided I would take a different approach and cache the badge somewhere.

Here is how to do it:

First get the URL of the javascript file of your badge.

Here is the code of my badge:

My favorite android apps

Touch Calendar: widget that lets you see 6 weeks of events on google calendar
TuneIn Radio Pro: very good online radio player
Wunderlist: to do list
Tripit: traveler helper
Trapster: drive safely by knowing in advance where are the traps and accidents or road works ahead.

New ADM3 FM module

This summer I finished a partial rewrite of the FM (Fault Management) module of the NetAct OSS ADM3 Troubleshooting class.
I have been compiling lots of troubleshooting guides and troubleshooting techniques into this course and applied it to all the FM processes of a regional cluster.

It has now been tried several times and it seems people are liking it.
If you want to follow this course, contact your local NSN solution manager or go to the academy website if you’re an NSN internal and enroll for the course OS9033 (customers) or OS9034 (internals)

TeleFinland HTC Magic Data Settings

 Easy as a breeze:
APN Name: TeleFinland
APN: internet
MMS protocol: Wap 2.0
MCC: 244
MNC: 91
APN type: default

All the rest, don’t touch.

Nexus one power button not working

My Nexus one has been a good friend for the past year but now I am running into problems with the power button.
I had 2 options:
– open heart surgery, order the replacement unit and change it myself.
– flash the phone in order to remap the power button to the trackball.

I chose the second option as it was available to me right now.
I followed this guide: