Erika is born

Erika, my first child is born. I feel that she is going to be my new hobby…

Pulled pork

Today I made my own pulled pork.
First time in Finland, it worked pretty well.

1.5kg piece of Butt found at Prisma. about 10 euros.
Some pork rub I brought back from Texas, but you ncan do your own with some local products and some spices.
I rubbed the pork with the pork rub. Put it in a plate, a bit of bbq sauce on and around.
6 hours in the oven at 120C.
Then I left it for about an hour cooling down.
Took it out, used to forks and pulled the pork!
Once this is done, I put some bbq sauce on it and mixed the whole stuff.

Reset the default drupal theme with SQL

Sometimes a drupal theme can be broken and it can be needed to reset the default theme so the site can be accessed again in order to fix the problem.

As a rule of thumb I always try to use the theme "Cube" for the administrive part of drupal. that makes things a lot easier and if you breeak the theme you can at least still use the admin part.

Here is anyhow how to reset the theme using SQL:

Simply execute the three following commands:

UPDATE system SET status=1 WHERE name = 'garland';


 Here is the AV configuration at home:
– Sony Playstation 3
– Synology DS210 with 2x 2TB in RAID1
– Digibox Topfield Cable + WBOX
– Nintendo Wii
– Thomson TV 46”
– Buffalo Wireless Nfiniti
– Dreambox PVR 600S
– Western Digital HD Live TV 
– Flate Rectangular Satellite dish
– Modem Router Cisco Linksys WAG320N
– CPL adapters

That makes way too many remotes…

My MYERS-BRIGGS Personality type

Last week we had the trainer assessor workshop and one of our trainer gave a 30 minutes training about the Myers-Briggs personality test. This test is measuring preferences and helps to find out a little bit more about oneself. Some of the sentences in the result sound a bit like astrology so I am very cautious with this and of course I only take the best…

The Inspirer

Bloom’s taxonomy, action verbs for objectives setting

Bloom is categorizing action verbs in 6 groups:

Knowledge: acquire, attend, choose, collect, complete, copy, define, describe, detect, differentiate, distinguish, duplicate, find, identify, imitate, indicate, isolate, label, list, mark, match, name, order, outline, place, recall, recognize, reproduce, select, state, underline