Export putty settings

It looks like your putty sessions are stored in the registry.

Start up the registry editor: regedit.exe (on Windows 7, hit the windows key and type regedit.exe)
Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham
Right click on "Sessions", choose export. Give a name. Email the file.
On the other computer, get the file, save it, right click on it, click on merge. Done

Trainer Assessor

Today I got an interesting call from my boss. I am going to become an assessor for other trainers at Nokia Siemens Networks. This means that I will have to assess the training capabilities of my peers.
Since I have been a respectable trainer for the past 5 years I have indeed accumulated a good experience.
I feel very proud that my efforts are rewarded with this opportunity.

How to find which SQL is executed by a process

If you are looking for the last SQL query ran by a specific process, try this: 

select substr(sa.sql_text,1,1000) txt
from v$process p, v$session s, v$sqlarea sa
where p.addr=s.paddr
and s.username is not null
and s.sql_address=sa.address(+)
and s.sql_hash_value=sa.hash_value(+)
and spid=&SPID;