Writing a manifesto

I’ve been thinking of writting a manifesto but I just don’t know what to write about.
At least now I know how to do it:

How to get rid of conduit as a default search engine in Firefox

So it looks like this conduit thing is stuck in your browser.

First, why would any company want to do that.
A bit of datamining, a lot of google adverts money.

I don’t know for sure but maybe this company which is by the way providing some nice software most of the time, is keeping records of the searches you are entering in google. They probably don’t really build any profile on you but at least they get a good idea of what the people they are connected to are looking for on the web.

Düsseldorf week stay round up.

 I have been travelling many times to Düsseldorf for business.

The Nokia Siemens Networks office is located very close to the airport.

Here are some of my tricks when staying there.

My rugby career

I have started to play rugby in France in 2002 at my engineering school (ECE Paris). My school team was called "XV du Camion". I played only one short season, 2002-2003.

Then I played for 4 years at ESNanterre in the suburb of Paris. I was a 2nd row and a prop.

How to delete empty line with vi

How to delete empty lines with vi?

Just type this in:


NOTE:  This means that all the lines that just have a carriage return on them (NO Spaces), will be removed. 

If you want to remove lines with empty spaces as well:

<esc>:g/^ *$/d

rename and shorten many files with bash

Bash supports a surprising number of string manipulation functions.

For example if you want to get rid of the beginning of the name of a file or a folder on many files at a time you could do the following:

bash> ls
bash> for i in *
> do
> mv $i ${i:6}
> done
bash> ls
So to extract the end of a variable after a NUMBER of characters you just need to specify ${variable:NUMBER}

How to remove a Compeed from a sock

Compeeds have saved my life numerous times already. Some people can’t stand them, I am a strong believer and I cannot go running, play rugby, or go for a long hike without having one in my pocket.

They are so good that you can actually recover almost instantly from a blister. If there is blister forming under your foot, that’s where Compeed is the best, when the blister is not there yet but you know that if you go on for another 10 minutes it will turn into a blister.