Secure connection without a password

There are numbers of tutorials on the net on how to configure access from one machine to another without typing a password.
Here is the real way to do it.
First generate a pair of keys:

ssh-keygen -t rsa 

It’s important to choose a passphrase. Don’t leave it blank.
Then you need to copy the public key to the other server

ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/>

Make sure that ssh-agent is running.
Add a key using ssh-add


Try connecting
Should be working.

finding a file in a bunch of rpm

Sometimes it can be hard to resolve a dependency with rpms.

rpm -qpl *

will show the list of all the files installed with a list of rpm in the running directory.

rpm -qpl * | grep libcc

will show me the files that resolve a specific dependency.

Work with man pages

 Finding more information with man pages
man -a intro (and press q)
shows the list of man books:
1 – introduction to user commands
2 – system calls
3 – library functions
4 – special files
5 – file formats
6 – games
7 – overview, conventions, and miscellany section
8 – administration and privileged commands


 Xen is the virtualization tool for Redhat.
3 packages are needed: kernel-xen, xen, virt-manager

in order to create a new virtual machine:


in order to start, create, destroy, stop, list virtual machines:

virtsh or xm

graphical user interface: